Official Launch of CTP Program


Center for Habits kicked off its Certificate on Telepractice Professional program on the 9th of January 2021, by holding its first seminar entitled, “Introduction to Professional Telepractice”. The facilitator served as the faculty-in-charge during the seminar. He is a committed licensed occupational therapist focusing on pediatrics with psychosocial dysfunction. He discussed the overview of telepractice from its historical perspective, its working definition and benefits, along with its practical application to education and the health and care profession. One hundred fifty-five (155) participants across different regions of the Philippines attended the seminar that lasted for approximately three hours. They identified themselves as occupational therapists, special education teachers, regular teachers, speech and language pathologists, physical therapists, and even new graduates from varied programs. 


As the Center for Habits aims to equip professionals towards excellence, all attendees were provided the privilege to convert their attendance to the seminar as their completion for Module 1 (a requirement for CTP Program) by complying with additional requirements. 


In general, the official launch was deemed successful. All participants, as well as, the management of Center for Habits are excited for the succeeding modules and activities towards professional advancement, by creating one habit at a time. 


To know more about the CTP Program, please click here. 


Center for Habits

January 10, 2021