Habits are basically small or grand decisions that one makes and takes into action in everyday living. Center for Habits believes that professionals can advance their careers and even personal lives by aiming for excellence every single day. Hence, the center curates and develop programs that are relevant, evidence-based, and habit-driven. We encourage the pursuit of excellence across different aspects. Moreover, the center also values the soul and heart. We want the majority to incorporate habits that do not only benefit themselves but also the others, especially the people within the margins. Hence, the Center for Habits is very proud to partner with Open Arms Organization in creating habits with a purpose. The partnership enables the center to support the non-profit organization through its promise of providing at least 3% of its profit to the events, activities, and programs of the organization. 


Open Arms Organization is a registered and known non-profit based in the Philippines that advocates for the inclusion of children in the margins. Some of its projects include the Embrace a Child program that enables financially challenged families to have access to rehabilitation services, provision of play therapy for children affected by calamities, including those affected by the Taal Volcano eruption, empowerment of small organizations through mental health seminars, disability promotion, and so on. 


The partnership will commence after the finalization of legal documents. It is eyed to be finished by February 2021. Join Center for Habits’ courses, a move forward your career while helping children within the margins. 


To know more about Open Arms Organization, please click here. 


Center for Habits

January 12, 2021