The world stopped in 2020. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a lot of concerns across different business verticals around the globe. As a matter of fact, professionals in the field of medicine, health, care, and education have been forced to rethink their service delivery models since governments have implemented varied measures with a focus on social distancing in their respective communities. This interrupted their regular face to face interactions and pushed them to embrace technology and other models of service delivery to adhere to the changes in the whole mechanics of humanity. Professionals had their dilemma of either waiting for everything to be normal again or shift to another endeavor. 


Nonetheless, one of the promising service delivery models during these times is telepractice. It is the provision of service through the utilization of information and communication technologies to connect and bring forth medical needs, health promotion, and education to consumers. However, for developing countries, the transition to this model was difficult. There is a need and it is possible, but professionals need guidance, training, and support. Hence, the Center for Habits proposed the creation of a certification program for licensed and certified professionals in their location to enable the transition and even further their practice in these changing times. So, to answer the question, we must not wait. We can move now and bring the needs of consumers into the comfort of their own homes. 


Center for Habits

December 31, 2020